SimPort was developed in Java, from scratch. Using our own framework gives us the flexibility to create the game exactly according to our specifications, but also makes it possible to adjust every parameter in the game. All parameters are stored in XML files.

For the 3D environment we use industry-standard OpenGL, bound to Java using the widely used JMonkeyEngine as a basic renderer. 

SimPort currently only features the module "Maasvlakte 2", but due to the modular design it will also be possible to create new modules for new ports. We are currently working on a "world-editor" to make this as easy as possible.

Furthermore, all data for the game is stored in configurable XML files. This makes it possible to edit Customers, Buildings and Maps, but also less obvious parts like Economies, Customer types and Performance factors, to customize the SimPort universe to each user's needs.

Take a closer look at the Gallery for in-game screenshots. Or a demonstration movie in Media