A short overview of SimPort:  

Number of players:

Minimum of 3 players with a maximum of 6 per team. It is also possible to host multiple teams in one session. 

How to play:

In teams, partly interacting with the simulation model, but also with a good deal of discussion and communication among the players. The game is usually played in one room. 


5 to 8 hours. 

Competition:A number of teams can play against each other. The winner is then determined by comparing the outcomes and results of the different teams after the completion of the game.

Passage of time


The speed at which time passes and the starting year are set beforehand by the game leader. The starting year is 2006. (or '07, '08, etc.) The simulation-time starts after round 1, in which the players choose their strategies. During the game, time passes steadily over a period of 30 years. The current date in the game is always displayed on-screen for the participants to see.



Internal team evaluations are conducted after each 10-year period, to assess progress in the game and players’ interim performance.



After completion of the game, an overall evaluation is conducted covering strategy, procedures, collaboration and the end-result. Lessons are drawn for application in the real world.



The simulation game is played on 3 laptop computers per team, connected in a local network. Each ‘role’ in the game has the use of 1 laptop. The players enter their own decisions into the computers (if possible). The installation and operation of the equipment, as well as support and clarifications during the game, is done

by a game administrator (at least 1 per team).



- Magnetic planning board (part of SimPort).
- Maps (A3 - A0) of the port (part of SimPort).  
- Overhead projector (1 per team).
- White board or flipover (1 per team).
- Projection screen (1 per team).



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