The Game

in gameSimPort is a computer-supported simulation game that mimics the real processes involved in planning, equipping and exploiting the Second Maasvlakte (MV2) in the Port of Rotterdam. Briefly, the Second Maasvlakte is a port expansion project to be situated on newly reclaimed land adjacent to the existing port area.
The simulation game is, in the first place, meant for staff of the Port of Rotterdam. But its emphasis on strategizing, project management and teamwork make it appropriate for others as well, such as students and (young) professionals as part of their education or training courses.  
The game requires no specific prior knowledge about sea ports or about the Maasvlakte. But obviously players’ interest and willingness to explore this subject area using the simulation game would be helpful.

This website explains how the game is played. Players wanting to learn more about the background of the Second Maasvlakte (and how the real situation was translated into the game scenario) are encouraged to start reading the additional information about the Second Maasvlakte.

A serious challenge

The players (in teams of 3-6 persons) are faced with a tough and serious challenge: realize the Second Maasvlakte! The task is as follows:

"Collectively define appropriate 30 year strategies and implement the design and exploitation of a major port expansion project, the Second Maasvlakte."
The Port of Rotterdam has three aims with SimPort:

1. Gain better insight into any unforeseen, undesirable and unintentional effects of one or more development strategies and design variations in the medium term (10-30 years) as a result of exogenous uncertainties (economic, market, technological) and due to strategic behavior of the parties involved.

2. Stimulate holistic and multidisciplinary thinking within the Port of Rotterdam on commercial and technical/infrastructural considerations, interests and choices. 

3. Improve the results of negotiations with respect to contracts (customers) and equipment (infrastructure) in the port area. 

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