Gallery In-Game

Here are some in-game screenshots of the pre-release version of SimPort. Updated pictures of the current state of the game will be released soon. To see a bigger picture click on the thumbnail. 

ingame gallery 1

E.ON Power plant in the old port area. The sea in front of the plant is the location of the new port area. 


 ingame gallery 2

 Negotiating with your customers is an important aspect of the game. Customers can send offers, which the team has to counter. The team can negotiate about, for example, the price per hectare, amount of hectares, quay length, but also on which part of the terrain the customer wants his lot.

 ingame gallery 3Chemistry is filling up the new port area. The port's most important customers are Container company's, Chemistry storage & refinery and distribution firms.
Alternative clients? If the economy is down the port might also be inclined to accept other offers. Like Power plants, Naval facilities but also some less distinguishable companies.